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Design: Stone Designs
The origin of the Fields sofa is the view of fields of crops disappearing over the horizon. From these breaks in the land come the different independent modules which make up the sofa. Thanks to the velcro on the underside, you can create just about any composition. The result is both strong and flexible. Using the different colours you can choose between discreet arrangements or recreate the colours of the fields on which it is based.
Removable covers.

Modules availables: 70x90 cm and 90x90 cm..

Structure: Module baes of vynil fabric (85% PVC and 15% polyester). Cordura fabric for outdoor version.
Upholstery: Uniform and Uniform Melange from Febrik (68% wool, 22% polyamide and 10% polyester) for indoor version and Natté from Sunbrella (100% acrylic) for outdoor version.
Stuffing: polyurethane foam. Inside cover waterproof nylon for outdoor version.


Length x Width x Height

- Chaise longue 90x90: 90x90x35 / 35.4x35.4x13.7 in 
- 90 seat + armrest: 120x90x50 cm / 47x35.4x19.6 in 
- 90 seat + tall backrest: 90x130x80 / 35.4x51.2x31.4 in 
- 90 seat + low backrest: 90x120x70 / 35.4x47x27.5 in 
- 90 seat + armrest + tall backrest: 120x130x80 / 47x51.2x31.4 in 
- 90 seat + armrest + low backrest: 120x120x70 / 47x47x27.5 in 
- 90 armchair + low backrest: 150x120x70 / 59x47x27.5 in 
- 90 armchair + low backrest: 150x130x80 / 59x51.2x31.4 in 

- Chaise longue 70x90: 90x70x35 / 35.4x27.6x13.7 in 
- 70 seat + armrest: 120x70x50 cm / 47x27.6x19.6 in 
- 70 seat + tall backrest: 90x110x80 / 35.4x43.3x31.4 in 
- 70 seat + low backrest: 90x100x70 / 35.4x39.4x27.5 in 
- 70 seat + armrest + tall backrest: 120x110x80 / 47x43.3x31.4 in 
- 70 seat + armrest + low backrest: 120x100x70 / 47x39.4x27.5 in 
- 70 armchair + low backrest: 150x100x70 / 59x39.4x27.5 in 
- 70 armchair + low backrest: 150x110x80 / 59x43.3x31.4 in 

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