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Now it’s her turn

ELLA is a project that RS Barcelona had in mind for many years. Why did the women not yet jumped on the pitch? She finally makes it. ELLA runs out onto the pitch of the RS Barcelona football tables. It’s her maiden outing and it’s in front of the whole world.

ELLA was born under the hands of a craftsman who, with great dedication and affection, has carved the image and likeness of her male partner. The exact proportions but with a woman body. And the same desire to dribble, make through passes and score spectacular goals. Her game is as precise and her shot as powerful as the men’s. On this pitch there are no more obvious physical differences. ELLA and he play under the same conditions. Complete equality.

RS Barcelona has always believed in the power of sport as an instrument of cohesion and a link between people. Since its beginning, it has wanted to incorporate it into homes and work spaces with its football, ping-pong and pool tables. With ELLA, the first football player, we launch our commitment to women’s sport, by doing its bit to equality.

More and more projects and clients customize their football tables with female players. Nike and Mastercard are just a few of them. Will you sign up?
Now is the time for ELLA.”Now it’s her turn”.

Watch the ELLA video

Watch the Mastercard ad

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