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Design: Stone Designs
Guerrilla containers represent a dream; a friendly and peaceful use for a object of war. Bags inspired by wartime trenches become fun, versatile pieces of furniture. They can serve as room dividers, as informal seating, and as containers. And you can easily play around with them to assemble and disassemble the trench as you want.
Optional drawer.

Cushion upholstered in textile hand-swen to imitate the style of coffee sacks.
Upholstery: Natté from Sumbrella (100% crylic)
Box: Okoume.
Optional drawer: Okoume.


81x48x23 cm / 31.9x18.9x9 in (LxWxH)

- Module: 3,1 kg / 6.8 lb
- Module + drawer: 4,3 kg / 9.5 lb

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