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Design. Elegance. Precision. Play.
They fill any space with playful attitude.



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Just as a diagonal line crosses a space from end to end, RS Barcelona’s design pool tables fill any room with design, elegance and playful attitude.

Pool is a game of precision, elegant movements and calculated moves. And all of this is reflected in the simple forms and ingenious lines of our pool tables, striking the perfect balance between design and playability.

The timeless design of our pool tables oozes elegance. What’s more, thanks to a series of customisation options, you can own a unique item that blends in perfectly with your space and style.

For the manufacture of our pool tables, we’re committed to innovation, top-quality materials and durability, which explains our choice of fibre cement over slate for the bed. This lightweight, hard-wearing option also forms part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Find that down time you need, whether on your own at night with silence and the sound of the pool balls knocking together for company, or with friends after work at your local bar, the meeting place where you can forget about the bad stuff that’s happened today and share some funny stories between pocketing balls at the table.

RS Barcelona pool tables form part of its Stay Playful collection. These products are much more than designer items. They’re experiences. They’re unforgettable moments. They’re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in a single pledge: intense living.


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