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Tapas: Spanish Design for Food

Tapas: Spanish Design for Food


Design and food have always been interrelated and how the discipline of design has sought solutions to the problems posed by the world of cuisine. This association has been equally productive in the world of art, which has drawn inspiration from food to create interesting pieces that range from artistic installations to anthropological discourse.


What is the role design has played in relation to food and cuisine in Spain? The exhibition Tapas. Spanish Design for Food, organized by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and curated by Juli Capella, shows through two hundred or so design objects divided into four sections—Kitchen, Table, Food, and Wine—how design, tradition, cuisine, science, the latest trends, art, and innovation have contributed to establishing food habits.


The exhibition Tapas opens now in Tokyo and in November in Miami. Then it will travel to other cities like Seoul (Korea) and Washington (US).


Our RS# Dining Table be and will be there.


Enjoy your meal!

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